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Hasar proposed the Net-Zero Water Consumption Approach to Sami Abdulrahman Park

In the framework of reducing the stress on groundwater use in Erbil and moving towards relying on recycling and water collection methods for irrigation purposes. Hasar recently prepared a strategic initiative to protect groundwater called Net-Zero Water Consumption. For this purpose, the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism and the Hasar Organization discussed the initiative.

In a meeting held on Monday, 9/1/2023, in the presence of the founding committee of Hasar Organization, Hawkar Ali, Naz Bajgar, and Gashbin Idris, on the other hand, Ari Ahmad, Director General of Water and Sewerage, Nizar Tamar, Director General of Planning and Abdulwahid Ahmad, President of Municipality of Erbil and Engineer Goran Burhan from minister’s office held a meeting at the office of the Minister of Municipalities and Tourism. The new initiative of the Hasar Organization was announced and introduced to achieve zero average clean water expenditure in Sami Abdulrahman Park by providing water by reusing sewage and reducing demand through smart irrigation.

The proposal is to test the project for the first time in Sami Abdul Rahman Park, which is currently supplied with irrigation through 19 groundwater wells. Then the project will implement in all other provinces of the Kurdistan Region. The aim is to reduce groundwater use in the Kurdistan Region sections, recycle used water, develop smart irrigation systems, and reduce the cost of water supply.

Thanks to Cihan Bank, a strategic project partner. Thanks to the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism for welcoming the initiative. Thanks to Szeged University in Hungary for assisting Hasar in preparing the project strategy document. Thanks to Sarkhel Hawre, a Ph.D. researcher at Miskolc University, Hungary, for the scientific preparation of the project.

Photo: Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism