Your 5000 IQD can help us create a sustainable future

Your tiny donation can make a big difference for Hasar and the environment. Even 5000 IQD can help us cover operational costs and support our projects.

With 5000 IQD, you can help us pay for the transportation of a volunteer who wants to join our activities of planting trees, recycling wastewater, and preventing its misuse. Your donation will enable more people to participate in our cause and spread awareness.

With 5000 IQD, you can help us irrigate the trees we have planted in different areas. Your donation will ensure these trees grow healthy and strong, providing oxygen, shade and habitat for wildlife.

Your tiny donation is not only a financial contribution but also a moral one. Donating to Hasar shows your care and commitment to the environment and the community. You become part of our family and our mission.



Please download the bank info: Account Detail of Hasar Organization

Become a Hasar sponsor

Join us in protecting the environment

By becoming a sponsor for Hasar, you can help us promote environmental sustainability and protect our planet for future generations. As a sponsor, your organization will be recognized as a leader in environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Your support will enable us to expand our activities and engage more people in our mission. We offer various sponsorship opportunities that align with your company’s values and goals. By sponsoring our tree planting activities, wastewater recycling projects, or environmental awareness campaigns, you will receive recognition and exposure through our website, social media, and events. Your support will make a significant difference in our ability to achieve our goals and create a better world for all. Join us in our mission to protect the environment and promote a sustainable future.