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The CEO’s Guide to Profitable Sustainability: EXPoSE

Unlocking a Future Where Business and Sustainability Flourish Together

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, there’s an accelerating need for businesses to operate sustainably without sacrificing their bottom line. EXPoSE (EXPloration for Sustainable Enterprises) is a turnkey solution that seamlessly integrates your business objectives with eco-friendly practices, all while optimizing costs in key areas like water and energy consumption.


Who Can Benefit from EXPoSE?
  • Businesses and Corporates: Gain insights into your carbon and water footprint and discover actionable solutions.

  • Factories and Large Foundations: Own vast property? Transform your grounds into an eco-friendly marvel.

  • International Organizations: Before rolling out a new project, ensure its sustainability and long-term viability.

What Is EXPoSE?

EXPoSE is more than just a service; it’s an innovative initiative by Hasar that significantly alters the paradigm of how businesses adopt sustainability. This focus comes with an added bonus—potential cost reductions in essential areas like water and energy usage.

How Does EXPoSE Work?

EXPoSE is a meticulously designed, multi-stage process:

  1. Initial Consultation: We initiate by intimately understanding your business’ unique sustainability challenges and needs.

  2. Feasibility Analysis: Utilizing advanced tools, we identify areas where impactful and cost-efficient sustainability changes can be implemented.

  3. Data Gathering: Specialized teams collect vital metrics, providing a comprehensive baseline of your current operational status.

  4. Simulation and Modeling: We use cutting-edge algorithms to simulate various scenarios, outlining your most effective and viable options.

  5. Recommendation Overview: An exhaustive final report is prepared, spotlighting business-specific recommendations for immediate action.

What Comes After EXPoSE?

Your journey doesn’t end with EXPoSE. You have two potent pathways to explore:

  • Sustainable Projects: We guide you through project selection, execution, and monitoring, providing a turnkey solution for sustainable transformation.

  • Direct Offset: For those keen on swift action, contribute directly to Hasar’s existing initiatives, like tree planting or wastewater recycling.

Why Choose EXPoSE?

EXPoSE isn’t just another service; it’s a pledge to a brighter, more sustainable future. It is fortified by Hasar’s proven success and extensive expertise in sustainability, both internally and externally.

Hasar’s Range of Expertise:
  • Hawkar Ali Abdulhaq, Earth Science Engineering, PhD candidate in Geothermal Energy and Hydrogeological Modelling at Szeged University, Hungary.

  • Gashbin Idris Ali, Civil Engineering, Chief of Data Collection and Ground Monitoring.

  • Harriet Rix, Tree Science and Botanical Consultant, Cambridge University.

  • Sarkhel Hawre Mohammad, Hydrogeology Engineering, PhD candidate in Hydrogeological modeling at Miskolc University, Hungary.

A Quote from Hasar’s Founder, Hawkar Abdulhaq “We perform climate resilience at Hasar; the EXPoSE project will pave the way to accelerate our climate resilience impacts, in collaboration with corporates and the private sector.”

The Bigger Picture

Hasar is eager to use EXPoSE to answer pivotal questions such as: How can groundwater recharge be initiated in Kurdistan? How can large buildings adopt geothermal cooling with minimal energy consumption? How can districts integrate tree planting with wastewater recycling? EXPoSE is the answer to all these questions, and we’re looking for partners willing to invest in these findings and this transformative project.

Are You Ready to Make a Transformative Leap?

Take the first step towards a sustainable and cost-efficient future. Contact us for an initial consultation and let’s explore the far-reaching benefits that sustainability can bring to your operations.

Contact Us: For further details or to initiate your journey, send your inquiries to [email protected]