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Data-Driven Sustainability Lab by Hasar Partners

Hasar Partners’ Sustainability Lab is a cutting-edge toolkit for analyzing climate resilience aspects such as canopy ratio, deforestation, surface water, and air pollution. Aimed at researchers, authorities, and stakeholders, it provides essential tools for measuring environmental sustainability. Hosted on Google Earth Engine, it’s accessible via any browser and offers a plethora of valuable data, enabling informed decisions towards a sustainable future.

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Hasar Partners, based in the Kurdistan Region and Netherlands, is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering climate resilience. We create transformative impacts through our Climate Resilience Impact Credits, focusing on sustainable environmental practices and community empowerment. Our approach involves impactful project development, from feasibility studies to implementation and impact monitoring, ensuring each initiative contributes to a resilient future. Engagement with us is open to individuals, corporations, and NGOs, offering opportunities for volunteering, CSR enhancement, and project collaboration. Partnering with Hasar is crucial for those committed to environmental sustainability and community development, ensuring a resilient, thriving future for vulnerable regions.