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Number of Planted Trees since 2021
Hectares of land protected from desertification
Capacity of wastewater recycling per day (M3)
Megawatts of Electricity from Solar Energy So far
Number of Volunteers across Kurdistan Region

Building Stronger Communities with Hasar’s Climate Resilience Impact Credits

Join us on a journey with Hasar Organization as we create a greener, more stable future for communities facing the challenges of climate change. Our Climate Resilience Impact Credits are about transforming landscapes into lush forests, enriching soils for agriculture, securing water supplies, and creating sustainable job opportunities. These credits go beyond traditional environmental measures, capturing our holistic approach to a sustainable future — one where thriving communities and healthy ecosystems coexist. They’re about real, positive change that can be seen in the growth of trees, the revival of land, and the empowerment of people. With us, every credit supports a world where communities can stay and prosper in their homes, undeterred by the climate crisis.

Key Components of Hasar Credits
  • Ecological Restoration: Enhancing One Hectare
  • Water Sustainability: Ensuring Ecosystem Longevity
  • Economic Revival: Yielding Diverse Benefits
  • Community Empowerment: Creating Jobs, Building Communities
  • Holistic Impact: Encompassing Comprehensive Benefits
HSR Credits – Pillars of Sustainability
  • Afforestation: Greening Landscapes Sustainably
  • Soil Enhancement: Revitalizing Earth’s Foundation
  • Water Recycling: Conserving Vital Resources
  • Forest Preservation: Guarding Biodiversity’s Sanctuaries
  • Social Enterprise: Empowering Community Action

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Hasar Partners, based in the Kurdistan Region and Netherlands, is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering climate resilience. We create transformative impacts through our Climate Resilience Impact Credits, focusing on sustainable environmental practices and community empowerment. Our approach involves impactful project development, from feasibility studies to implementation and impact monitoring, ensuring each initiative contributes to a resilient future. Engagement with us is open to individuals, corporations, and NGOs, offering opportunities for volunteering, CSR enhancement, and project collaboration. Partnering with Hasar is crucial for those committed to environmental sustainability and community development, ensuring a resilient, thriving future for vulnerable regions.