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A message from the Founding Board of Hasar to partners, sponsors, volunteers, and citizens

Crafting Solutions Rooted in Nature

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Our Metric Dashboard

Number of Planted Trees since 2021
Hectares of land protected from desertification
Capacity of wastewater recycling per day (M3)
Megawatts of Electricity from Solar Energy So far
Number of Volunteers across Kurdistan Region

Pioneering Climate Action in Kurdistan

Embark on a transformative voyage with Hasar Foundation, a bastion of climate resilience endorsed by our community and government. Our sweeping mission encompasses afforestation, wastewater recycling, and soil enhancement. Unveil the profound impact of MillionOaks, ACUW, NZWC, and COOL projects, showcasing our unwavering commitment to triumph over challenges. Join hands in forging a sustainable tomorrow.

No more ferrying soil to labs; we’ve moved labs to the soil.
  • Nature’s Puzzle: Soil-Water-Tree Dynamics
  • Lab-to-Site Innovation: Real-time Moisture Monitoring
  • Smart Irrigation: Precise Watering and Watershed Depth
  • Decoding Nature: Unveiling the Earth’s Secrets
  • Hasar’s Drive: Reforestation, Water Conservation, Community Engagement.
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Hasar’s recycling system was recognized by the KRG
  • Official Recognition: Water Recycling System Acknowledged
  • UNICEF Collaboration: Turning Wastewater into Eco-Friendly Irrigation
  • Innovative Solution: 300 Cubic Meters Daily Yield
  • Expanding Impact: Aiming for Widespread Adoption in Kurdistan Region.

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