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A message from the Founding Board of Hasar to partners, sponsors, volunteers, and citizens

2022 was a challenging year for Hasar. Last year was the first time the Hasar entered an unprecedented experiment in the region. Creating a densely sustainable urban forest with trees as a first experience was challenging. Doing so was fraught with uncertainty for such a small organization with little management experience. The characteristics of the first experience and doing something that needed to be clarified led the organization through many ups and downs. Despite these challenges, the organization promoted a learning-by-doing management system, which made it easy to overcome the challenges of uncertainty and first experience.

هەواڵەکە بە کوردی داونڵۆد بکە

2022 was a year full of opportunities; Hasar Organization’s partnership with Rwanga Foundation entered a high stage of implementing the MillionOks project on the service section of the 120-meter street in Erbil. Rwanga Foundation as a strategic partner alongside Hasar Organization made its efforts to implement the MillionOks project according to the plan and strategy. In 2022, ShaMaran Petroleum Corp., a Canadian oil company, took the initiative to become the corporate sponsor of Hasar for the success of the forest building program and the One MillionOks Project. As a strategic sponsor, ShaMaran closely monitored the implementation of the MillionOks project and assisted Hasar when there were challenges. In 2022, the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism confirmed its support for the project through the Directorate of Engineering of Parks. They identified the necessary land for the next phase of the project. Moreover, in collaboration with Hasar, Hama Group made significant efforts to improve the visibility of the MillionOaks project.  Thanks to the coordination of our partners, sponsors, and volunteers, we carried out the MillionOks Project according to the strategy and plan. By the end of 2022, with the help of volunteers and citizens of Erbil, we were able to plant 180,000 trees on the 120-meter street.

In 2022, Hasar prepared to launch a unique strategic water program. One of the most important practical steps was implementing a wastewater recycling project on the 120-meter street in a partnership with UNICEF, sponsored by ShaMaran Petroleum Corp Company. On the water issue, Hasar laid the foundation stone of the first phase of the Net-Zero Water Consumption in Sami Abdulrahman Park, which Hasar launched in coordination with the Kurdistan Regional Government (Ministry of Municipality and Tourism and also the General Directorate of Water Resources from the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources) and Szeged University in Hungary, sponsored by the Cihan Bank.

In 2023, Hasar will have two important strategic projects (in coordination with our partners and sponsors), the MillionOks Project and the Net-Zero Water Consumption Project. The strategy of the MillionOks Project in 2023 is to plant 250,000 trees on the 120-meter street service section with a plan to supervise, irrigate and maintain growth until another rain. The success of this plan and strategy is significant.

We are close to establishing and building an environmentally sustainable park with climate change resistance features. We ask for the support of sponsors and citizens to implement the 2023 plan of the project as it is. Regarding the Net-Zero Water Consumption Project, in 2023, Hasar Research Team will prepare a fundamental scientific report on Sami Abdulrahman Park. The objective of the report is to start the net-zero techniques over Sami Abdul Rahman Park.

We, as the founding board of Hasar, are glad that Hasar has made this remarkable progress. We credit this continuity and improvement to these young people within Hasar who are dedicated to implementing the organization’s strategy and to all our partners and sponsors. We thank the Hasar Board of Trustees for supporting the Hasar Organization’s strategy. We want to thank the hard work and dedication of the volunteers who have made Hasar successful in carrying out its field missions and moving towards its goals.


Warm regards,

Founding Board of Hasar Organization.

15 February 2023