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Key Takeaways from the Hasar Partners and Tishk International University Panel

Hasar Partners and Tishk International University recently held a panel to discuss climate change solutions for the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. The panel focused on practical steps and projects needed to tackle the serious environmental challenges facing the region.

Experts highlighted the necessity of strategic initiatives to mitigate the impacts of climate change. They stressed the importance of a scientific and academic approach to addressing these issues effectively.

Video by Farman Fazl

The event underscored the crucial role of community engagement and academic institutions in driving climate action. The collaboration between Hasar Partners and Tishk International University serves as a model for regional efforts to combat climate change.

One key message from our president: “There should be a stream of focus to the climate action; we already started with local resources including local youth. Therefore, we want to ask you to support this momentum. We are heading towards much-needed climate action more than ever before due to global warming and climate change.” Said, Gashbin Idrees.

In summary, the panel highlighted the urgent need for coordinated efforts and strategic projects to address climate change in Kurdistan and Iraq. The success of Hasar Partners provides a valuable blueprint for future initiatives in the region.