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Visionary Afforestation: MillionOaks as a Corporate Game-Changer

In response to escalating environmental challenges, Hasar Partners introduces MillionOaks, an innovative afforestation initiative transforming Iraq’s urban landscapes. Beyond a mere response, MillionOaks is a resilient, forward-thinking solution for environmental sustainability. Led by Hasar Partners, this project transcends traditional afforestation efforts, evolving into a scalable urban reforestation model. We’ve already planted 315,000 trees, setting a solid foundation for our next goal: planting an additional 700,000 trees.

Our pilot projects have provided valuable insights, enhancing our scalability and impact for the upcoming phases. With a focus on native species, primarily “Quercus brantii lind,” and complemented by diverse species for ecological balance, MillionOaks is a vibrant model of innovation and sustainable development.

We’re actively assessing land opportunities offered by authorities, aiming to select those that meet our sustainability criteria. We also invite impact investors to engage with us in Carbon Sequestration Impact, Biodiversity, and Sustainable Development Goals, leveraging our initiative for global environmental benefits.

There are three main objectives in this project;

  • Implementing large-scale afforestation to significantly enhance green cover.

  • Cultivating and nurturing a widespread culture of tree-planting among communities.

  • Restoring natural forests and expanding green spaces for ecological balance and sustainability. effects of climate change.


  • December 2020:

    • Launched with the planting of 1,500 indigenous oaks in public spaces of Erbil.

    • Initiated a groundbreaking movement in large-scale urban reforestation and community engagement.

  • December 2021:

    • Remarkable milestone: Planted 60,000 oaks along Erbil’s 120m road within 10 days.

    • Employed innovative planting techniques, driven by strong community participation.

  • December 2022:

    • Achieved a new record by planting 180,000 oaks in just 9 days on the same pathway.

    • Solidified Erbil’s position as a leader in sustainable urban development.

  • March 2023

    • Exceeded the milestone of 300,000 trees planted.

    • Emerged as Iraq’s first fully digitized environmental project, leveraging data for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

  • 2024:

    • Planning to escalate our efforts to plant an additional 700,000 trees.

    • Applying lessons learned to expand our impact and reach our ambitious target.

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Our main stakeholders of the project

Kurdistan Regional Government allocated land for the project

Rwanga Foundation is strategic partner of the project

ShaMaran Petroleum Corp. is the Corporate Sponsor

UNICEF is contributing in providing water resource from recycling waste water

SOWVITAL is Diamond donor through providing financial needs to the project

Cihan Bank is contributing through low commission banking commissions

Hama Group is contributing through providing state of the art media visibility to the project

Cihan Group is Gold donor through providing financial needs to the project

Cihan University contributed by providing the Nursery and supervision to accommodate the project. 

Naz Bajgar contributed by being a silver donor to the project

Inti Made contributed by being a silver donor to the project.

HumanBlink the digital transformation partner of the project.

Amas Hypermarket: the gold sponsor of the project.