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The MillionOaks Q1 2023 Newsletter

The MillionOaks project is making impressive progress towards its goal of planting 250,000 trees thanks to the support of ShaMaran Petroleum Corp. and dedicated volunteers. Want to see the impact of their hard work? Check out these numbers:

Please download the Pdf version: NEWSLETTERQ2FINAL

-185,000 trees already planted using the direct sowing method
-40,000 saplings added, including 28,000 oak saplings and 7,000 trainer trees
-5,000 tall trees planted in a single day by Hasar volunteers, bringing the total number of trees planted to over 280,000

But that’s not all! The project team has taken measures to protect the planted trees from fire and grazing animals by fencing off vulnerable areas. They’ve also collaborated with Unicef to prepare the ACUW wastewater recycling system to provide 250 cubic meters daily.

The project’s impact is clear: Unicef has extended its partnership with the project and expanded the wastewater recycling system, increasing its impact. The MillionOaks project has also taken an innovative approach to tree planting, creating shelter and shade for the oak trees by planting tall trees. This has resulted in renewed blooming and growth of the oaks.