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Hasar Welcomes Zara, the Kurdish Chatbot, and Anticipates Major Improvements in Youth Collaboration Program

Hasar Organization is proud to announce the launch of Zara, the Kurdish Chatbot. It will serve as a virtual receptionist to answer volunteers’ inquiries and help them perform activities at Hasar. This milestone represents a significant step forward for Hasar as it seeks to be a trusted reference resource for fighting climate change awareness in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Zara will immediately assist the Hasar community, including its 400+ volunteers, who frequently have various inquiries. With this new addition, Hasar’s website now supports the Kurdish language, which is vital for the community to find high-quality resources.

The Chatbot is named after Zahra Tayar, managing Hasar’s volunteers and members. Zara will help improve the Youth Collaboration and Volunteer Program, a significant goal for Hasar in quarter two of 2023.

Hasar Organization recognizes the need to improve the Youth Collaboration and Volunteer Program, and Zara is just the beginning. The organization is dedicated to providing a sustainable and livable environment for future generations. Zara’s implementation will lead to efficient communication and smooth operation of activities for the Hasar community.

Hasar Organization urges its volunteers and members to take full advantage of Zara and its Kurdish version of the website. As we move into quarter two of 2023, Hasar anticipates significant improvements in the Youth Collaboration and Volunteer Program.

Stay tuned for further updates, and let’s work together to combat climate change and create a brighter future for all.