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Empowering Our Team with Data Analytics: Meet the Members of Our Green Bootcamp Training Program

We are proud to announce that four members of our organization, Mohammad Abdallah, Shahoz, Shaee Herish, and Zuhdya Abdullah, are participating in the Green Bootcamp training program by Potan Company in partnership with GIZ. The program covers data analysis, WordPress, and PowerBI and will last for one month starting from May 6th, 2023.

The program is expected to improve the skill of our organizational capacity and human resource regarding data analysis skills. It will enable our teams to understand the organization’s activities and projects better and identify areas for improvement.

The Green Bootcamp program will help our organization achieve its goals by fostering the skills of our team members to be ready for new challenges and opportunities in their career life. We are excited about the benefits of this training program and look forward to the new knowledge and skills our team members will gain.

Thanks to the provider of the training program for trusting Hasar to participate in this training.