Climate Action Presentation by Hasar team to the AMAS Hypermarket staff

During a recent visit to AMAS Hypermarket, the President of Hasar delivered a comprehensive seminar on climate change and its mitigation strategies to the employees. The seminar proved to be a platform for fruitful discussions and the exchange of diverse opinions. Drawing upon the latest research and information, the President of Hasar shed light on the global and local implications of climate change, emphasizing the urgent need for concerted action to address this pressing global challenge.
Recognizing the paramount importance of raising public awareness about climate change, Hasar Organization is committed to dedicating its resources and time across all projects to gradually increase societal consciousness. We extend our gratitude to AMAS Hypermarket for providing a conducive environment and an invaluable opportunity to disseminate these crucial topics within the community. We also commend AMAS Hypermarket for their unwavering support as a steadfast champion of the environment and its associated initiatives.
Together, we can forge a sustainable future and safeguard our planet for generations to come. Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing efforts to combat climate change and foster environmental awareness.