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Planting Resilience: The Impactful Journey of Hasar’s MillionOaks Project with KRG Support

The Impactful Journey of Hasar’s MillionOaks Project with KRG Support


In the heart of Kurdistan, a transformative initiative is taking root, literally. Hasar’s groundbreaking MillionOaks Project, with the vital support of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), is not just an afforestation effort; it’s a testament to the power of collaboration in tackling climate challenges. This blog post delves into the significant strides made in this project, underscoring Hasar’s alignment with both local and global strategies in climate resilience.

A recent video announcement by the KRG shines a spotlight on Hasar’s large-scale afforestation efforts. Featuring captivating drone footage, interviews with project staff, and views of thriving oak trees, the video emphasizes the importance of this initiative and the KRG’s unwavering support. Notably, the KRG Ministry of Municipality and Tourism, in collaboration with Rwanga Foundation, has played a crucial role in backing this non-profit project.

What sets the MillionOaks Project apart is its innovative approach to sustainability. As highlighted in the KRG’s statement, the project uniquely leverages wastewater recycling for irrigation, turning a waste product into a valuable resource for nurturing native oak trees. This initiative not only promotes reforestation but also contributes to efficient water management, a critical aspect in the region’s environmental strategy.

The KRG’s backing has been instrumental in providing essential resources like land, wastewater, and data, facilitating the planting of over 310,000 trees in the MillionOaks Project so far. This endorsement has not just fueled the project’s success but also highlighted the critical role of governmental support in environmental initiatives.

Oak trees, native to Iraqi Kurdistan and once subjected to deforestation, are at the heart of this project. These trees are not only pivotal in restoring natural ecosystems but also in enhancing soil quality, given their slow-growing nature. Hasar’s dedication to oak forest regeneration aligns perfectly with its mission to scale up afforestation and environmental restoration efforts.

We invite our readers, including investors, corporates, international organizations, and public authorities, to join us in this journey of environmental transformation. By partnering with Hasar, you become a part of a larger movement towards climate resilience, afforestation, wastewater recycling, and soil improvement.


As we reflect on the success of the MillionOaks Project, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our stakeholders, partners, community members, and volunteers. Your support and dedication are the pillars of our achievements. Together, we are not just planting trees; we are planting hope for a sustainable and resilient future.

Join us in our next chapter of making a lasting impact. Your partnership can help us grow this initiative, fostering a greener, more resilient world.