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Hasar Partners: Leading the Way in Carbon Capture and Community Strength in Iraq

n a significant step toward climate adaptability and achieving carbon neutrality, Hasar Partners in Quarter 2 is establishing a new benchmark for nature-driven carbon removal methods. Our forthcoming initiative aims to engage all Iraqi municipalities, with a special emphasis on the Kurdistan Region, reflecting our dedication to environmental sustainability and enhancing community strength. With an impressive achievement of restoring over 24 hectares of land since 2021, Hasar Partners has converted landscapes into effective carbon absorption areas, showcasing the possibility for wide-ranging environmental benefits. Thus, our objective for the next project in Quarter 2 is customizing our collaborative approach to prepare for the sequestration of 3000 tons of carbon.

A Path of Growth and New Methods

The shift from small-scale projects to larger, multi-hectare efforts presented significant challenges, including obtaining land permissions and securing funding. However, through strategic alliances and unwavering determination, we navigated these obstacles, setting the stage for their next significant goal: the capture of 3,000 tonnes of carbon annually by 2025. This objective, established through detailed planning, utilizes biochar carbon removal, tree planting, and soil enhancement techniques, representing a comprehensive strategy to address climate change and its related community displacement

Encouraging Community Participation and Strength

Hasar Partners recognizes that true durability stems from community involvement. By collaborating with local populations, sharing land, expertise, and resources, we promote economic development and entrepreneurship while ensuring the long-term viability of our carbon removal initiatives. The launch of an annual open application process for Iraqi communities to engage in these projects further expands the collective effort to combat climate change, enabling scalable and significant actions throughout the nation.

Leveraging Advanced Technologies for Scalability

The innovative use of remote sensing and ground sensors, combined with blockchain technology for real-time impact measurement, exemplifies Hasar Partners’ commitment to cutting-edge solutions. This technological prowess, alongside strategic partnerships with local governments, financial institutions like Cihan Bank, and international investors, sets a solid foundation for scalable success.

Aligning with Global Climate Goals

While specific details on the alignment with the Paris Agreement, IPCC recommendations, and Iraq COP Obligation are to be filled, it is clear that Hasar Partners’ strategies are designed with global standards in mind. Our work contributes to the global climate effort and also sets a precedent for regional cooperation in environmental initiatives.

A Vision for a Resilient Future

Looking forward, Hasar Partners sees a future where 20 million Iraqis are robust in the face of climate change’s impacts. By incorporating carbon capture initiatives across Iraqi territories, their goal is to reshape the environmental durability and the strength of local communities. As the global community addresses the growing climate emergency, Hasar Partners’ efforts shine as a source of inspiration and a guide for others.

Through strategic new methods, active community participation, and a deep dedication to environmental and social health, Hasar Partners is not merely extracting carbon from the air; they are crafting a durable, lasting future for the coming generations.