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Hasar From Iraq Kurdistan to The Hague

In a significant stride towards global expansion, Hasar recently embarked on a transformative journey to The Hague. This mission, centered around the Impact Capital Tour and ImpactFest, marked a pivotal moment in Hasar’s history – laying the groundwork for our chapter in the Netherlands, Hasar Partners Cooperation, in collaboration with WorldStartup.

Our founder, Mr. Hawkar Ali Abdulhaq, represented Hasar in this crucial venture, engaging directly with investors, exploring strategic collaborations, and networking with influential figures in the climate action sphere. These interactions opened new doors, paving the way for impactful relationships and potential partnerships.

Notably, the visit was characterized by insightful strategic discussions with WorldStartup’s leadership. These conversations delved into the nuances of establishing Hasar’s presence in the Netherlands, discussing the cooperative business model and operational strategies. The mutual benefits of this collaboration, aligning with our shared vision for global impact, were highlighted.

A key outcome of our journey to The Hague is the recognition of Hasar’s emerging role as a pivotal player in climate resilience, uniquely positioned to connect world investors with climate action initiatives in the Iraq. Our venture into this global arena was enlightening, expanding our network and underscoring our dedication to impactful climate solutions. Through Hasar’s innovative Impact Framework Credits, we are bridging vital gaps, facilitating investment in transformative projects that advance our commitment to a sustainable and resilient global ecosystem.

As we reflect on this journey, we are filled with a sense of optimism and determination. The connections made, the learnings acquired, and the support of WorldStartup have set the stage for Hasar’s future endeavors on the global stage. We are excited to embark on this new chapter as Hasar Partners Cooperation, committed to making a lasting impact on communities and ecosystems worldwide.

Stay tuned for more updates as we forge ahead with our mission to embed climate resilience into ecosystems across the globe.