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Meet Shamyan Wahbi, one of Hasar’s Volunteers who made the logo of the NZWC Project

After the NZWC project was introduced to the volunteers, they welcomed and supported the idea and emphasized that they would be the reason for the progress of this project. Consequently, one of Hasar’s volunteers, Shamyan Wahbi, offered to design the logo for the project. The NZWC logo represents the idea of safe water management that protects water resources.

“I am happy to have been trusted by such an organization and to have left a small fingerprint,” said Shamyan, a member of Hasar. She has been with Hasar since its foundation, is one of the early volunteers in the Organization, and has participated in many other activities.

Hasar has volunteers in most of the cities and towns of Kurdistan. They are famous for being supportive and collaborative with each other. They are an essential component of the Hasar organization. Their contribution is always appreciated and remembered within the framework of the Organization.